Our mantra at Kupe tv is “Open Africa to the World”. We aim to share African stories that have been negated by Mainstream Media. Explore the rich landscape, cultural, tribal and linguistic diversity. We will bring educative information from the 18 th Dynasty to present Africa, including a complete entertainment package, establishing a Pan-African dialogue platform to reconnect Africa with its diaspora and bring African role models in Germany on screen, in a bid help young people of African descent believe in themselves once more.   We all as Africans stand the challenge to restore Africa’s greatness. We have been raped from our true history and culture and its about time this generation pass on a lighting baton to the next generation. We find ourself in the most critical moment as Africans in Germany, to stand up and join our brothers and sisters in the US, UK and France.  We plan to show Africa as a tourism destination, engage foreign investors to partner with African operators and help African artists gain a spot in the market in this part of the world.

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